We all know that using hot water for cleaning produces better results. Heated ultra pure water is less dense and so absorbs dirt more readily and dries more quickly to an incredible finish.

Breezes through initial cleans and shifts even the most stubborn residues. Great in Winter but equally useful in Summer when cold water would turn to steam on sunbaked glazing. If you demand the best then Thermo-Pure™ is for you!

Better cleaning results
The heated pure water from the Thermopure™ system produces sparkling results every time. Drying quickly to a spotless and streak free finish, it cleans both the glass & frames as well as conservatories, gutters, cladding and much, much more. No detergent is used which means no sticky residues, meaning windows can stay cleaner... longer!

Simply the safest way
The health and safety of our staff is of paramount importance for Banbury Window Cleaning, and the Thermopure™ cleaning system gives us peace of mind knowing that staff working at height is a thing of the past. Ladders and high access equipment are virtually eliminated, reducing costs for our clients whilst ensuring safety. Enjoy the assurance that comes from knowing that some accidents simply can't happen.

Environmentally sound
No detergents or chemicals are used in Thermopure™ cleaning, making it one of the most environmentally sound cleaning solutions available today.